When a client submits a confirmed order either via website or phone, he or she is automatically acknowledging that the sale that is made to them whether for commercial or residential purpose, has confirmed the purchase and the seller or supplier has also agreed to sell the product according to the details mention on the page with all the necessary details. Therefore, the buyer and the seller both agree to the terms and conditions. While placing an order the buyer understands the terms and conditions mentioned. All terms and conditions, even the terms for the use of the website apply to every sale, the sales that will be bought after the current order and the terms and conditions agreed upon will not be altered without any written form, to have the consent of the seller.

Pricing and Payments:

The prices mentioned on the website, potentially include base price plus any other related accessories or to add options and delivery options. Mind that the price mentioned on the product must be paid in full in advance. As the supplier is not obliged to start manufacturing or delivering the product until complete payment is made by the buyer. When a buyer places an order via a website he or she agrees and completely acknowledges the terms of taxes and other charges like permits required by the federal laws. Once the sale is made there will be no changes or alterations.


Delivery dates mentioned on the website are set out in advance, the individual buying the product fully agrees to the terms and conditions. Mind that paying a complete amount of the product does not guarantee the exact date of delivery, as delivery can take more time than mentioned on the receipt due to conditions. Whenever the product is delivered to the client, he or she must immediately check for any damage or missing item or delivery of the wrong item and must report within a week of delivery time. If no such requests are made and the client somehow claims their money, then all the claims will be waived off.

In the Case of Loss:

When submitting the order, the buyer acknowledges that the supplier may or may not contract a product that is to be delivered to an independent carrier, also that the carrier is accepting the loss of the product if it is lost during the time of delivery. Upon arrival, the buyer will bear the risk of loss.

Damage Due to Delay or Withdrawal:

The supplier will try to meet all the dates of delivering the product to the client but will not be held accountable for any sort of damage. The supplier will not be accountable for damage to the product, which is a result of clients notifies to the supplier to cancel or hold the product after it is manufactured. The client will be liable for the cost or potential damages and the supplier will be responsible for receiving the complete payment of the product, even if the product is canceled after its production.


When making the product, the specifications mentioned on the website will be followed, on the condition that the client and the supplier agree. It will be the supplier’s responsibility to meet the given specifications and stick to the model code.

Reselling the Product:

In the case, the client, who bought the product and wants to sell it to your other party, then, in this case, the clients by default becomes responsible for all the dealings. Similarly, the client will be accountable for any damage to the product, the client has the liability to sell the product in its original price.


The client will reimburse and hold the supplier and any other parties free from any demands, loss, expenses or liability including attorney’s or court’s fee resulting from

  1. Death or injury of any person.
  2. Damage to any kind of property of any other person who relates to the product, in which damage or injury may be caused.             
  3. Injury or damage to a person or property due to improper installation of the product.

Warranty (Limited):

Buy Garage Doors Online will only provide warranty to clients who have bought the product. There is a year warranty for claiming workmanship that is from the date of installation the warranty period starts. This warranty applies only to the clients who are the original 4 purchasers of Buy Garage Doors Online, the warranty will not apply to those who have bought the product from our original clients. This warranty will cover either to replace or repair the product bought solely from Buy Garage Doors Online and this warranty will also cover changing the parts or instruments that come with the product that may be damaged or defective. This warranty will not cover any sort of loss, defect or damage which will be the result of the clients using it. Client’s supplied things or modifications made to the product, purchased by Buy Garage Doors Online. This warranty will not cover any changes or additions made by the clients to the product.

Buy Garage Doors Online does not make any other warranties, whether expressed or implied by the company regarding products that may have limitations. Buy garage doors online will not responsible for covering any kind of replacement of the product that was damaged due to indirect, incidental, special, or any other damage, whether they are according to the contractor not. The design, manufacture, sale delivery or installation, even service of use of any product. Acceptance of any order by our company shall not be construed to any other additional or contrary terms or a constitute waiver by buy garage doors online. Buy garage doors online will not be responsible for the product damaged due to weather or any other seasonal conditions. During the delivery or transit buy, garage doors online will not be responsible for any damage.

Cancellation Policy:

Order submitted to Buy Garage Doors Online will only be canceled if they are canceled within the 24 hours, of the order date, if the client wishes to get a full reimbursement. If the 5 duration of 24 hours has passed then the client will be charged with any correlated fee such as restock, production, or processing will be applied. Clients who requested for quick delivery, they have the option of waiving the 24-hour cancellation period. Buy Garage Doors Online ships within a period of 7 to 10 days and quick delivery allows the product to be delivered in about 3 to 5 days.

Return Policy:

Buy Garage Doors Online does not entertain the policy of return. As all of the products are custom made, all sales are final. If the product has been delivered to the client’s destination, the product will not be returned. The products are only returned in the case of the manufacturer’s fault. Buy Garage Doors Online will not responsible for improper handling of the product via delivery duration. Buy Garage Doors Online also does not return the product in the case of improperly measured details by the client.

Installation Guide:

Installation option is only available for Sectional Doors up to 20’ wide or 12’ height

Installation Procedure:


Clients in hurricane zones must check with the local building department about concerns regarding zoning requirements.

Schedule Site Inspection:

Once the client has submitted the order, they will receive a call or will be contacted via email to schedule an on-site inspection before the inspection.

What to expect from the site of inspection?

  • The installer will verify that the order submitted was correct.       
  • The installer will check the clearances of all rooms, to verify that the correct track has been ordered.          
  • The installer will determine whether any special needs will be required or not, in the case of structure, before the garage door is installed.   
  • You can cancel your order within 2 days after the site inspection with a $ 50 or 3% fee, whichever prevails.

You can start preparing for the installation of your garage door now, for that you will be required to clear at least 10 feet radius from the entryway so that your installer can easily install the door.

An adult, 18 or older must be present for the installation. This person must be authorized to do all the paperwork.

Your previously installed electric motor will be connected to the new door.